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So very often I get messages in my DM‘s on Tik Tok and Instagram or messages in my email that start with “I wish I had started following you sooner because I just quit my job several months ago because the workplace was so toxic and my manager was discriminating against me.“

Or “I was in a toxic work environment and it was so terrible that I quit is there anything I can still do to get severance pay? “The short answer to this question is no. Once you have terminated your employment the only recourse you have then is to engage in attorney if you believe the behavior by your employer was illegal.

It is highly unlikely that HR is going to engage with you around severance pay after you’ve already severed your employment. Get it?

So, while you may be enduring a really bad work environment you can turn the tables on your manager and human resources. How?

By strategically hatching a plan to leave that includes effective documentation and then communication of the illegal work environment.

If you believe that you are being subjected to discrimination at Work on the basis of race /ethnicity, disability, religion, gender, or sexual orientation Please start documenting today.

If you have a coworker manager who is bullying you and causing you mental anguish please start documenting today.

Grab my Documentation Journal, follow the prompts and get on it.

All claims of illegal discrimination are not treated the same by HR. To get HR‘s attention you have to be effective in how you communicate with them.

Effective documentation and an effective communication strategy and execution of that strategy are keys to exiting and doing so with a check in hand via a negotiated with severance.

You will feel a whole lot better when you put yourself in the driver seat of a bad work situation rather than just sitting there and taking it until you can’t take it anymore.

But whatever you do I encourage you to not just throw up your hands and quit. When you do that, you’re only serving the interest of your employer because when a toxic hostile and or discriminatory work environment exist believe me a human resources knows about it. And they have decided to do nothing. And until you make them do something they will do NOTHING.

If you believe you are being subjected to discriminatory hostile workplace and you would like your employer to pay you to leave it,

Grab the Replay of my Masterclass,

“How to ask for an exit from a discriminatory hostile workplace with 💰 and actually get it”

In the master class I teach my tried-and-true method for documenting and articulating a discriminatory hostile work place to Human Resource staff in a manner most likely to result in your ability to exit via a negotiated separation with severance 💰💰💰

I share strategies, tactics and practical tools and templates you can use to effectively document your workplace and then most importantly effectively communicate your concerns to HR in a manner most likely to result in your securing a negotiated separation with severance.

CLICK HERE to grab the Replay!

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HR is not your enemy but they are definitely not your friend

I am.

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