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Welcome to the AntiHR® an HR consultancy

HR is not your enemy but they are definitely not your friend, I am

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Hi, I'm Anne Marie Founder of the AntiHR® an HR consultancy

As a former HR executive and the founder of AntiHR HR Consultancy, I specialize in providing employee-centric HR guidance and support. My consultancy aims to assist individuals navigating challenging workplace environments, particularly those facing discrimination, by facilitating fair severance packages and resolution processes without resorting to litigation.

While my consultancy caters to a broad spectrum of clients, I have a particular focus on supporting Black women in the American workforce. Drawing from my own experiences as a Black woman, I recognize the prevalence of workplace discrimination and the importance of equipping individuals, especially those from marginalized groups, with the knowledge and confidence to advocate for their rights.

While I strive to help my clients resolve their HR matters amicably, I acknowledge that legal action may sometimes be necessary. In such cases, I may offer referrals to reputable legal professionals. It's essential to clarify that while AntiHR endeavors to support clients throughout their journey, we cannot guarantee the outcomes of legal proceedings and do not assume liability for post-referral matters nor do we guarantee successful outcomes on individual client engagements.

I will tell you the things HR won’t

Here are some of the workplace issues I have helped clients with:

Discriminatory Hostile work environments

I'm here to assist you in distinguishing between a discriminatory hostile work environment and a general hostile work environment. Additionally, I'll guide you on how to substantiate your claims through documentation and effective communication with HR. I'll also prepare you to navigate any HR investigations that may arise and help you devise a strategic exit plan, including the possibility of negotiating a separation agreement with severance benefits, if appropriate.

Hostile work environments

I will help you understand what a hostile work environment actually is and how to prove it with effective documentation, and combat it with a strategic action plan.

Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs)

I will assist you in interpreting, responding to, delaying, challenging, refuting, and/or providing negative feedback on a performance improvement plan (PIP) when necessary.

Negotiating Job Offers

I will assist you in assessing whether the offer is favorable, develop a suitable counterproposal, and provide guidance throughout the negotiation phase.

Disability & Leaves of Absence

I am here to assist you in comprehending your entitlements under company policy, as well as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Additionally, I can aid you in requesting leaves of absence, which may include leave options provided under the ADA.

Exit Planning & Separation Negotiations

When considering departing from your current job, it's crucial to approach it strategically and with a well-thought-out plan. I can assist you in discerning the optimal timing and methods for your departure, as well as navigating the process of securing a severance package without jeopardizing your position.

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Book a Discovery Call Today

If you are dealing with a difficult situation at work and want me to help you resolve it, book a discovery call where I will listen, assess your issue, and determine whether we can fix it together. 

Please Note: All Discovery calls are conducted via Zoom.  Check your email for a Zoom link after booking including your spam/junk mailbox.

Discovery Call Fees are nonrefundable

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I have helped so many people and I look forward to helping you!

*client names anonymized to protect client confidentiality


"Anne Marie lived up to my expectations. After seeing her many interviews on YouTube, I could tell that she knows what she's talking about, and is an expert. This was confirmed in the very first exploratory call. She set clear expectations and explained the process as we went along. She helped to empower me through education, information, and the feeling that I had a competent subject matter expert in my corner. I'm very happy with my results. I'm incredibly proud of myself for protecting my peace and sanity, holding those responsible accountable AND walking away with my sanity and my coins!"

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How is the AntiHR different?

The AntiHR ONLY works with employees. I do not collaborate or work with employers EVER. My primary audience are BLACK women like me who are often subjected to targeting in workplaces just for being their smart talented competent selves.  I am here to even the playing field for US.

How much is a Discovery Call?

Discovery Calls are NOT advice calls, they are assessment calls.
I currently charge $55.00 for a Discovery Call. During our call you can describe your HR issue or problem and I will assess your issue to determine whether through engagement I can help you resolve it.

Are discovery calls confidential?

All discovery calls and consulting engagements are treated as confidential.

Do you guarantee that I will be successful in resolving my problem with HR?

I do NOT guarantee successful outcomes on engagements.  Every employer is different and so is every HR department.  I provide advice and support based on. 20+ years managing and overseeing Human Resources but I do not guarantee that my advice will always result in the outcome a client seeks.

Are your services limited to just discriminatory hostile work environments?

No.  My services include HR advice and support regarding common workplace concerns like, harassment, discrimination, hostile work environment, bullying, isolation, compensation requests, exit planning, severance, microaggressions, complaint writing, participating in an HR investigation, retaliation, and more .

Do I have to be in a certain state to receive support?

No I support employees nationwide.

What is your refund policy?

Services including discovery calls and engagement are nonrefundable.

How much support do I need?

It depends. That's why I require a discovery call before you can purchase support. It ensures that you do not purchase a service you do not need or that will not be helpful to you.

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This is not Legal Advice

No information provided on this page or website should be construed or interpreted to be legal advice neither does any information received on this page, on this website, courses, trainings, webinars or consultation(s) create a lawyer-client relationship.

If you wish to determine whether you are a victim of legally defined discrimination in your state or jurisdiction, consult a licensed attorney promptly.


AntiHR® promises to provide its best advice and support to clients seeking to resolve HR problems and issues. A promise IS NOT a guarantee of success. Please be aware that in certain situations, pursuing legal action may be necessary for achieving success. In such cases, AntiHR® may offer a legal referrals as it  deems appropriate. It is imperative to understand that AntiHR® does not take responsibility for the outcomes of matters post-referral nor does it guarantee success on client engagements.  Clients are encouraged to seek independent legal advice and make informed decisions based on their individual circumstances.


All purchases on this website are NonRefundable

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