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Hi, I'm Anne Marie Founder of the AntiHR® an HR consultancy

I am a recovering HR executive and founder of AntiHR HR Consultancy. Through my consultancy, I offer employee-focused HR advice and support. My primary focus is on guiding clients through the process of leaving discriminatory workplaces with severance pay, often without the need for filing a lawsuit or hiring a lawyer.

While I take pride in the positive impact my services have had on numerous employees across various protected classes, I have specifically tailored my practice to assist Black women in American workplaces. As a Black woman myself, I understand that encountering workplace discrimination is not a matter of if, but rather when and how often. My goal is to empower all employees, with a special emphasis on Black women, to be aware of their workplace rights and to confidently assert them when necessary and appropriate.

It's important to note that, in some cases, pursuing legal action may be necessary for success. In such instances, I provide legal referrals as needed. It's crucial to clarify that AntiHR does not assume responsibility for the outcomes of matters post-referral and does not guarantee success for every client engagement.

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If you believe you are being subjected to a Discriminatory Hostile Work Environment let's talk about getting you out on your own terms.

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This is not Legal Advice

No information provided on this page or website should be construed or interpreted to be legal advice neither does any information received on this page, on this website, courses, trainings, webinars or consultation(s) create a lawyer-client relationship.

If you wish to determine whether you are a victim of legally defined discrimination in your state or jurisdiction, consult a licensed attorney promptly.


AntiHR® promises to provide its best advice and support to clients seeking exits from discriminatory hostile work environments. A promise IS NOT a guarantee of success. Please be aware that in certain situations, pursuing legal action may be necessary for achieving success. In such cases, AntiHR® offers legal referrals as deemed appropriate. It is imperative to understand that AntiHR® does not take responsibility for the outcomes of matters post-referral nor does it guarantee success on client engagements.  Clients are encouraged to seek independent legal advice and make informed decisions based on their individual circumstances.


All purchases on this website are NonRefundable

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Results Vary, Success is NOT Guaranteed

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Cyah W. Arlington VA, USA

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