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The Hostile Work Environment Escape Strategy Webinar Series

Buy my Signature 4-part Webinar Series! 


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Webinar #1: How to ID a Hostile Work Environment and What to Do Next

Webinar #2: How to Document a Hostile Work Environment & Create an Effective Timeline of Events

Webinar #3: How to Request the Separation with Severance and When to Do it.

Webinar #4: How to Negotiate a Severance and Separation Agreement that Serves your Interest

Also includes a download of the webinar workbook.

After payment, the purchaser will receive a confirmation email. Please check spam/junk mail if not received. You will receive a confirmation email with links to the unit(s) you purchased.

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Do you need help documenting a discriminatory or otherwise Hostile Workplace?  The Hostile Work Environment Escape Strategy Documentation Journal

is the secret weapon you need!

Sale Price: $24.99!
Purchase the electronic journal specifically designed to document problematic workplace incidents. 
Grab Yours and start documenting Today!

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About Me

I’m Anne Marie, The AntiHR, HR Lady. 

I am a recovering business executive and attorney with over 20 years of experience managing and overseeing Human Resources (HR). I created this website and The BlackWomen Coach™ Directory ( to even the employment playing field for employees.  I teach my clients how to leverage HR to benefit their professional career development.

I help my clients escape Hostile Work Environments with my Hostile Work Environment Escape Strategy program.

I have helped many clients leave discriminatory hostile work environments with the resources to redesign their lives.

I want to do the same for you.

You deserve to live your best possible life now. You deserve a work-life that’s is rewarding and fulfilling. 

Let’s help you get it.

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Consulting & Coaching Services

The Hostile Work Environment Escape Strategy (HWEES) Webinar Series

Sign up for my Signature Hostile Work Environment Escape Strategy (HWEES) Webinar Series.  The 4 part series takes you through all the steps required to identify, document, report a discriminatory hostile work environment, and then request and negotiate an exit with severance pay.

HWEES One to One consulting

1:1 Consulting Support

I provide 1:1 consulting and coaching support to help you plan and execute your exit from a discriminatory Hostile Work Environment (HWE) with your coins.   Book a discovery call appointment today.

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Other HR Consulting Service

Achieve Your Career Goals

Consider me your personal HR Lady.  Need help requesting a promotion or raise? Need help finding the right career path? Need help negotiating a higher salary offer? I'm your HR Lady and I can help!  I provide 1:1 HR consulting support. Book a Discovery call,

and let's see if I can help.

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From our Webinar & 1:1 Clients

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Rebecca J., Silver Spring, MD

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This is not Legal Advice

No information provided on this page or website should be construed or interpreted to be legal advice neither does any information received on this page, on this website, in webinars or 1:1 consultation(s) create a lawyer-client relationship.

If you wish to determine whether you are a victim of legally defined discrimination in your state or jurisdiction, consult a licensed attorney promptly.

Webinar purchases are NonRefundable

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