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What to Do if your Employer gives you a Separation Agreement to Sign? Here's a Hint - Do Not Sign it

Updated: Feb 18

If your employer has presented you with a separation agreement consider it a blessing and then start thinking about how to negotiate the best outcome for yourself.

Don't just rush off and sign on the dotted line without some solid advice and support. And that's where I come in!

There are specific terms that should always be adjusted to benefit you as a soon-to-be former employee and there are specific terms that you should never agree to.

Many of my clients have come to me and asked for support with the negotiation of a separation agreement. For that reason, I am formally adding Reviews of separation agreements to my List of HR consulting Services.

My menu of services will include 2 options:

Option 1 includes:

Complete review of the agreement; and a written summary with advice on areas for negotiation and items you might request to be removed or revised.

Option 2 includes:

everything in option 1 plus one-to-one coaching throughout the negotiation process. This means I would advise you on not only what to ask for but how to ask for it and coach and consult with you throughout the process until the agreement is actually signed.

If I determine that legal intervention or advice is required I provide a legal referral.

Not ready to sign up for this service but you’d like more information?

Check out the online webinar entitled: “How to negotiate a separation and severance that serves your interest” on my website HERE.

It covers what an employee needs to know to effectively negotiate a standard separation agreement on their own.

If you opt to enroll in the webinar and thereafter want me to review a separation agreement, you will receive a 10% discount on the package of your choice.

I will be providing these services in my capacity as a seasoned HR professional who has written and negotiated thousands of separation agreements with employees over my 25+ year career. The services will not include legal advice but legal referrals will be available.

If you’re not sure whether you need this service or you have other HR conundrums, sign up for an HR consulting discovery with me HERE.

Consider me your own personal HR lady in your corner to help you get the best result in any and all interactions with human resources.

Leave but not without your coins and do it on your terms, not just theirs.


No information provided on this page or website should be construed or interpreted to be legal advice neither does any information received on this page, on this website, in webinars or 1:1 consultation(s) create a lawyer-client relationship.

If you wish to determine whether you are a victim of legally defined discrimination in your state or jurisdiction, consult a licensed attorney promptly.

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