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What to do right now to plan your exit from a Discriminatory Hostile Toxic Workplace in the New Year

Updated: Mar 4

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. It is important to consult with legal professionals for guidance on specific legal matters.

Results on engagements and online courses may vary, successful outcome is not guaranteed.

This is the last blog post of 2022 for The!

First, I want to say that this has been an amazing year.

My HR consulting business has grown by leaps and bounds and I have had the honor and privilege of helping many people extricate themselves from discriminatory hostile toxic work environments. I have also helped client’s:

· negotiate separation agreements

· negotiate job offers; and

· respond to problematic performance evaluations

I am especially happy about helping so many clients walk away from very bad work situations with separations with severance.

Some are starting their own businesses others are taking time off to travel, others started new jobs.

All are charting new courses in their lives and that brings me an immense amount of joy and satisfaction.

I want to thank all my clients in 2022 for entrusting me with supporting their journeys outs of workplaces that were breaking their spirit and into their own brand of personal freedom.

As we look to a new year, this is a time of introspection.

For many the end of the year can be a time of regret and self-recrimination. An inordinate amount of time is spent thinking about missed opportunities and all the things that might have been done differently. I encourage you to not be one of those people. There is no point in spending time looking backwards because you’re not going in that direction.

Forgive yourself for what you didn’t do and what you didn’t know and simply resolve to do better in 2023 for yourself.

For those of you who are in work environments that are not allowing you to be your best, and especially for those of you who are in work environments where you are being subjected to discrimination, hostility, toxicity, bullying, undermining, psychological harassment, or combination of all of the above, there is also a feeling of helplessness. But I want you to know that you are not alone and that you are not helpless.

I urge you to take some time to think about what you will do in 2023 to change your circumstances.

Don’t spend time looking backwards, instead focus on what you have control of and you have a lot more control than you may think.

If it is your intention to remove yourself from your current work environment here are a couple things that you can do right now to position yourself for a successful exit in 2023

1. Start documenting your workplace. If you have not already start, immediately begin documenting your workplace. Read my blog post where I explain the importance of documentation. Specifically ensure that you have read your employment handbook and you understand the policies that impact you especially about performance management, workplace bullying, and anti-harassment policies. Make a point of:

a. Reading your employers EEO statement if it exists.

b. Reading any affirmative action statements and DEI statements your employer puts out and retaining copies of them away from the office.

Now is the perfect time to grab the AntiHR Documentation Journal and begin using it when you return to work in early January.

Especially make sure that you document:

a. Any one-to-one meetings with your manager,

b. Any questionable interactions with peers,

c. Any meeting where your performance is discussed, and

d. Any meetings you have with Human Resources (HR) about any issue.

Retain copies of emails screenshots of chats and take copious notes in all meetings with your manager and team meetings.

Remember: Documentation is your best weapon when dealing with a discriminatory hostile work environment. Do it early, do it often.

2. Seek professional help. Do not be afraid to intentionally seek professional support and help as you map you navigate your discriminatory hostile work environment AND include that support in your exit strategy. For example, consider working with a therapist to work through the impact of what you are experiencing at work. Consider getting a coach to help you strategize a career plan that will help you identify your next opportunity. If your company provides professional development that includes coaching, take advantage of that benefit and hire a coach that will help you meet your career goals not necessarily theirs. There is a lot of anxiety and stress that comes from dealing with gaslighting micro aggressions bullying and intimidation on a daily basis. Don’t try to deal with these things alone.

As you work with a therapist consider asking them to help you with documenting the impact of your hostile work environment on your mental health. This may help you later if you intend to raise concerns or file a claim with human resources or elsewhere.

Working with a therapist and a coach may be very beneficial as you chart a course and strategy to exit your hostile workplace in 2023.

Here are some resources to consider:

3. Make time for joy. Make a concert effort to leave the stresses at work when you leave work. This is not always easy to do but try. You don’t owe any job all of your mental energy or time. Especially if you are working in an environment where you are not being supported and where you are being subjected to discrimination hostility and toxicity, when you leave work leave it there. During this holiday break make time to spend time with the people who matter in your life and carve out time to do things that make you happy. Whether it’s picking up a new hobby like sewing, or knitting, or building doll houses (something I enjoyed doing when I was in a particularly hostile work environment ) make time to do something just for yourself.

If you are intent on walking away from your current work environment in 2023 start mapping a strategy for how you will do so with intention . That means having a strategy that includes a clear concrete action steps. Thinking about something is great but doing is better.

If you need help creating a strategy and executing it Book a Discovery Call with me and let’s, get you on the path to an exit on your terms in 2023

No matter what the situation is at work know that you have the power and the ability to change it.

If you believe you are being subjected to discrimination at work, Book a Discovery Call and Grab Access to my Online Course,

Learn the strategies & techniques I teach my clients that has resulted in many of them leaving discriminatory hostile jobs with💰💰💰

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. It is important to consult with legal professionals for guidance on specific legal matters.

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