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Before you start documenting your discriminatory workplace do these two things!

Updated: Mar 2

This blog will explain two things you should consider before you start documenting a discriminatory hostile work place and BEFORE you make a report to Human Resources.

I have explained multiple times the importance of Documenting Your Workplace. It is one of the most important steps in exiting a discriminatory hostile work environment on your terms.

However, here are some things to consider before you start documenting, specifically before you begin gathering evidence of discrimination like emails, text messages, etc.

1. Know your employer’s policies on Document Retention, Confidentiality, and Accessing Information Technology.

Know your company’s policies regarding accessing information technology, document retention and confidentiality BEFORE you download, copy or retain any employee records that fall outside your employee file/records.

2. Gather the information you need to prove your claims BEFORE you go to Human Resources (HR) to file a complaint

Gather and retain any documents you think proves your claims on an ongoing basis as much as possible. Avoid bulk downloads of information if you can. But most importantly avoid downloading any information after you have filed your complaint or claims with Human Resources (HR). Once you file your complaint, it is very likely that HR will target you. They may direct that your computer systems be monitored to see if they can get you on a violation of the policies noted in #1 above. It is critical that you gather and retain records in compliance with your company policies and that you do so PRIOR to filing your complaints with HR as much as possible.

Learn more about not just documenting discrimination at work but using documentation to help you negotiate an exit from a hostile work environment by enrolling in The hostile work environment escape strategy series. It will teach you how to identify discrimination at work, document discrimination at work, report discrimination at work and negotiate your way out of a discriminatory hostile work environment on your terms and in many cases with 💰💰

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There are workarounds to even the most stringent company policies about document and confidentiality policies so if you need assistance do not hesitate to book a discovery call with me.

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