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Planning Your 2024 Exit – What you can do right now!

Updated: Mar 4

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. It is important to consult with legal professionals for guidance on specific legal matters.

Results on engagements and online courses may vary, successful outcome is not guaranteed.

If you need support navigating and escaping a discriminatory hostile toxic work environment enroll in the replay of my Masterclass,

In this online Master course, I teach you how to make your employer pay you to leave a discriminatory hostile work environment! Its on sale until January 2, 2024!

I share with you my tried and true method for documenting and articulating a discriminatory hostile work place to Human Resource staff in a manner most likely to result in an exit with a negotiated separation with severance.

This a method that I have personally utilized and that I have taught to my clients successfully,

For more tips about navigating and escaping difficult HR situations,

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HR is not your enemy but they are definitely not your friend, I am.

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